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Technology Consulting

Struggling with wicked technology problems? Partner with us to solve your wicked technology problems, no matter what tech stack you run on.

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Agility Consulting

Feel the pressure to build muscles to gracefully respond to market changes? Partner with us to become nimble at a sustainable pace.

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DevOps Consulting

Want a power-up in your software delivery? Partner with us to shorten your delivery lead time without stressing yourselves.

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Trainings for Enterprises

Want to upskill or cross skill your engineers, managers or leaders? Our trainers with rich experience and expertise can help you bridge the knowledge gaps.

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Want to develop a new capability in your engineers, managers or leaders? Partner with us for hand-holding and expert advice from a hands-on mentor.

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Software Development

Have an interesting product idea that you need to bring to reality? Partner with our agile development teams for an iterative quality solution that can put you in market in no time.

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How have we changed the world?

About Ampyard

What makes Ampyard, well, the Ampyard?

  • The Ampyard Way

    We are professionals who are uncompromising about positively impacting the world and learning from it. This enables us to partner with our customers to discover things that were not possible before.

  • Our Mantra

    "Simplify Work. Amplify Outcomes." is the mantra that drives Ampyard every day. Our customers partner with us because we make their lives simple and improve their outcomes significantly.

  • Rich Expertise

    Professionals at Ampyard bring with them a rich on-field experience, along with a humble mastery of their craft. This means that the customers experience an easy and fruitful partnership with us.

  • Relentless Improvement

    At Ampyard, improvement is not a yearly activity. We look for chances to improve things every single moment. We also commit to make things better against all odds.

Clients and Past Affiliations

Who have our team members served before?


Whom do we collaborate with?


What do people think about us?

  • Nivarti Jayaram

    Societe Generale Global Solutions Centre

    "Vivek is one of the best coaches I have had the privilege of being associated with. He brings along a wealth of knowledge on Agile, DevOps and diverse technologies as well as technical coaching competence. He is an exemplary version of an Agile Coach and does not shy away from challenging the status quo. With extensive experience coaching on best technical practices, ways of working both at team level & at scale. He is very adept at Cloud / DevOps practices, tools and technologies and keeps himself abreast of latest in the industry. He is a constant learner and has the uncanny ability to think radically and is open to experimenting new domains/frameworks. His coaching skills, creative thinking, transparency and openness makes him an absolute pleasure to work with. His strengths in being able to challenge, pro-actively offering solutions, ideas and exceptional communication make him an asset to any organization. His contributions have been of immense value in driving transformation roadmap at Societe Generale. I can recommend Vivek as a coach to any organization focused on transformation in order to achieve their strategic objectives. It’s a pleasure to have known Vivek and cherish his company anytime and every time."
  • Gary Lawler

    Senior Developer

    '"As technical lead in Greenfinch technology, I worked alongside Kamal for almost two years and feel confident in recommending him to your organisation. Kamal was instrumental in delivering a new notifications framework for the Etech project to a high technical standard while under considerable time pressure. At this time he demostrated leadership as well as technical skills by directing a small team to complete his design. The customer was delighted to have this functionality delivered on budget and to a high degree of quality. In customer-facing rolers, Kamal has distinguished himself with several clients. He has a calm and professional demeanour with an ability to elicit requirements from non-technical customers. He has gained the respect of both peers and management for an ability to articulate both challenges and associated solutions to ensure long-term project success. Design and planning come naturally to Kamal. As he matured into his role at Greenfinch he succeeded in adapting to increasingly greater responsibilities in these realms, ultimately being granted full care of the company's largest and most complex project. In his tenure at Greenfinch, Kamal has been a key figure in the success of the Etech project and in ensuring that the team as a whole remain focused and happy."'
  • Rupesh Gaur

    Societe Generale Global Solutions Centre

    "Vivek provided Agile@Scale consulting for my Tribe. He closely worked with my FT managers to coach them and their teams on Agile methodology and craftmanship. In addition he has taken many sessions on pair programming, Scrum management, sprint planning, product backlog, business demo and retrospectives. He has supported throughout the Agile@cale transformation of my tribe. It was not an easy task to Coach 9 Feature Teams and 5 component teams given that teams had to deliver critical regulatory projects like IFRS9 at the time of transformation. He has a ability to drive teams towards the target objectives.I remember he has followed rigorously with my managers to define KIPs and deliver the dashboard template. Vivek has passion and instinct for Agile which motivates him by itself and this reflects during his coaching. I worked with many Coaches on Agile since last 10 year including consultants (India &France) from top consulting companies and Vivek was one of the best among them. He has long way to go on his Agile journey and I wish best for him. Thank you Vivek for your contribution to make my Tribe successful in its transformation"
  • Albert Sanuy Lostes

    New Relic, Inc.

    '"It was a great experience to be working with Kamal for roughly two years. During that time, he proved his accountable attitude and great skills to solve difficult architectural problems, provide solutions and help the teammates. His good mindset, experience and attitude to be up to date with technology makes him a great co-worker to be working with. "'
  • Andrei Rjabokon

    Full Stack Developer, RnD

    '"I highly recommend Kamal to any business or team there is. Working with Kamal as a teammate was both pleasure and highly efficient experience, where he showed levels of professionalism I have never seen in anyone else. Focused on delivery of excellent quality product, not afraid to take on tasks of every possible scale, eager to share knowledge and ideas, honest, very friendly and open minded personality - all this can describe my experience with Kamal shortly, but nothing else as pleasure, both professionally and socially. I can recommend Kamal as a highly valued asset to any team."'
  • Jennifer Conlon


    '"I have worked with Kamal for over 4 years. From beginning to end he was someone I enjoyed working with for many reasons. Firstly technically he was always striving to better the products he was working on with passion. His teamwork was always to the forefront, constantly helping those around him and working to find solutions. His curiosity to improve and introduce improvements was constantly refreshing and he was just a great presence to work with. I know going forward he will continue to enhance any projects he is involved in and is a great asset to any project he is involved with. Leading from the front with passion and knowledge always."'

Our Amazing Team

The secret sauce of Ampyard

Kamal Raj Sekar

Lead Technology Consultant

Vivek Ganesan

Agile / DevOps Consultant

Hemant Warier

Enterprise Sales Manager

Akshay Sushir

Junior Software Engineer

+91 81793 56405

Ampyard Private Limited, Bhive, NO. 148, BBMP NO. 170/148, 5TH Main Road
Sector-6, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India - 560102
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